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We’ve been listening to you! And your message is clear. More and more of our 8 million monthly visitors to WND have been telling us the same thing.


“We love WND,” they say. “But can I pay to get your content without being bombarded by advertising and putting up with loads times on audio and video spots?” 

We have answered the call. The product is called WND Weekly – and, that’s right, it contains no ads, just a very reasonable annual subscription cost. 

Each week, all the original content from is collected, repackaged with spectacular designs and beautifully illustrated, and delivered to your computer, tablet, or phone … absolutely ad-free!


It takes the best of WND – top stories, commentaries, cartoons, Diversions, along with stunning photography, splashy graphics, video – and, did we forget to tell you, it’s ad-free?

We welcome you to preview WND Weekly FREE of all cost or obligation because we know you will love this easy, convenient, efficient way to read our news and commentary at your leisure. 


If you like what you see, pay only $29.99 for a full year of this service.

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